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100 Days of Code Challenge

100 Days of Code Challenge

I’ve decided to give the 100 days of code challenge a go. @digitalarbyter on Instagram started it using the #robs100daysofcode hashtag. He was kind enough to point me to @coding_rob as the original source of the hashtag. And there is also the #100daysofcode. This one has a dedicated page and is more elaborate in the rules section.

What are the rules?

Rules couldn’t be any simpler:

  1. Code at least an hour a day (coding at workplace doesn’t count).
  2. Do daily commits on GitHub.
  3. Publish your progress each day.

Why the 100 Days Of Code Challenge?

It doesn’t really matter who started it first or for what reason or what hashtag is the right one to use. It is a really good challenge and I have a bunch of reasons why I decided to take upon it.

It is going to be a great exercise in consistency and that is something I always work to improve. Next, it is going to be a great practice and learning opportunity for me. Putting more coding hours under the belt is always a good thing. The current project I am working on does fail to quench my thirst for new and different ways of doing things, of learning, of growing and progressing. So, I have to scratch that itch somehow.

On the other hand, this is probably the worst possible moment for me to start this. I need to study Swedish each day, I also need to focus on taking the Driving License Exam ( Thank you Sweden for having to do that again! After having a valid driving license for 18 years! ). Last but not the least, I and my wife bought a puppy recently and oh my, he is a handful!

But is there ever a good time for something like this?! We’re always busy, we always have something better to do, it will always make things more difficult. Then again, who had fun when it was easy, ever?

What is the plan?

I just hope the whole experience will be more exciting that this block of flats in my neighborhood

I want to create a JUnit 5 extension that will report test events to a web application where I can later look at all the test runs, test outcomes, execution times etc. The backend is supposed to be a very simple event sourcing example. Based on the events it will create data views that will be displayed by the front end. The technology stack I plan to use is Vaadin + Spring Boot + Mongo DB. Vaadin might be the odd choice here but I am not good at any other front-end framework. I thought about using Vue.js but then I would have to spend most of the 100+ hours learning the framework and not delivering what is required.

Project and technologies aside, my main goal is consistency.  I always start pet projects, but I very rarely finish them. I am like my new puppy, jumping from one interesting thing to another. This time I want to have an end product. It doesn’t really matter how complicated or how innovative or how fancy it is. I just wanna make it done. I want to commit and then deliver.

My pup is the coolest in the world but his attention span leaves a lot to be desired. I don’t wanna be my pup!

That is it then. The challenge starts today. You can follow my progress on Twitter and GitHub and I will be posting daily in the following 100 days.